Photographer, Writer, Dreamer, Visionary… and lover of all good things and people

She started off a little clumsy, a little unsure of herself, but start she did. And someone wonderful acknowledged that start, and another person had faith in her, and another beautiful soul gave her what she needed to make the visions come true. Puzzle pieces that connect.

This is a place where I will write my ramblings. They won’t always make sense, but that’s okay. I have a bigger vision in store.

Warning to the squeamish… no topic is off limits in here.  I’ve lived a very crazy ride and not everyone will be able to stomach the visions I portray with words. You’ve been warned. Most especially, if you are personally related to me. You’re old enough to handle it. Grow up.

My bullshit meter is broken. No holds bared. I’m going to burn up the world with my words. I’ll be the phoenix rising from the ashes of a life of misfortune and disgrace.  But the flames gave me scars and sometimes, they show.  While my wings are reaching for a sky of endless possibilities, the flames burn higher in a feeble attempt to scorch me anew. But I am living MY truth now. And if you don’t like it, you can go back to the flames until you find your own.

And yet, I see hope, I see love, I see the possibility of sparking a change, a growth that is so desperately needed. It’s a sad day indeed when I’ve grown accustomed to hearing stories of the hurts people endure. Sometimes it takes me talking to somebody who really has never been there before to understand the level of pain that really inflicts me, inflicts others.  To become so calloused and jaded, one must know pain.  But I have this habit of peeling back my scars and callouses for the world to see, when they are there for a reason, to protect my fragile, still innocent, still yearning and longing and seeking heart.  It’s an almost sadistic pleasure I seem to find in getting my heart broken.  But isn’t that the case with most of us?  Unless we play it safe, getting our heart broken is going to happen.

I have a vision for a better life for myself.  I was handed a family that really is a WIFM group of people and I’ve accustomed to that and I’ve molded.  And in the reawakening of letting go of the past, I’ve come to find that letting go definitely doesn’t mean forgetting, but it does mean being more and better and greater for myself.  Because I can also see that vision being applied to people everywhere.  Open hearts and open minds, people who are tired of constantly hurting and they want life to be beautiful again.  I’m finding my family of people, my core network of happy folks who want better for themselves and the people around them without the hindrances of politics or religion or preconceived notions and ideas. That is my song of the moment. Namaste.

Be ready, the novel is coming. 😉

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