Letting go.

Poetry inspired by the day. I guess at least pain is good for something.

I need the words that you can’t give me. 

I need to hear what you refuse to say. 

You need me to let your soul free

But I can’t let you suck the sunshine out of each day. 

When you figure it out, that there’s more to life

When you finally decide that you want this

I may end up already someone else’s wife

Even when I desire, when I crave your kiss. 

Ah but see you don’t hurt, you don’t bleed

You’ll only talk about the monsters in the dark

When your touch is tinged with solid greed

To you, love is nothing but a passing lark. 

So wander on, because you’ll stay your course

My visions of a life that will never be real 

All I needed was words with a little remorse 

To acknowledge that I wasn’t the only one to feel 

I let you go, and in pain, I almost died

I wish I could let you go from within

I’ve seen your reflection in tears I’ve cried

Happy visions of starting all over again… Gone.

Just know that I love you, and I always will

I hope that one day you’ll soften your heart

You’ve closed it off so long, there’s no where to fill

My life, my light, my love, my art… Gone.

No Photo today… only a song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufEejvMEP64


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