The Truth About Fireworks

The Truth About Fireworks

Our fireworks contained, a message in the bottle

Our passion, once held back, was now at full throttle

We didn’t care about the outside world

Wars all around us, violence unfurled


People attacking the foundations we created

Because we decided to choose love over hatred

I remember when we met, you got angry with me

Because you couldn’t understand my scared mentality


Softly I whispered, “You know, I’m on your side”

And your eyes revealed the vulnerability you worked so hard to hide

In a moment I could see that we’re just mirrors that are broken

Holding your gaze, I knew no more words need be spoken


We needed comfort to fuse all the bent, busted cracks

We were grasping for beauty, something we seemed to lack

With your hands in my hair, and your tongue touching mine

It seemed to be perfection, the right moment in time


The control I’d held onto exploded into fragments

Glued to every part of you like iron to your magnets

Though you burned me with your fire, I couldn’t get close enough

Consumption was sometimes gentle, yet passion made it rough


Desperation, clawing fingers, pleading voices filled with need

Throaty demands, as time stood still, delirious moments of greed

I wanted what I could get from you, knowing I’d always want more

Addicted to your skin, your scent, your touch that made me soar


But all we have are these fireworks, bottled in this frozen time

I knew, somehow, in every breath, you never would be mine

We took what we needed, the love, the light, the lust

Knowing there never would be a future of togetherness or trust


To be okay with that is to know where I stood

You manipulated my willpower as no man ever could

With your lips at my throat, I lost it and let go

I felt your smile on my skin, as if instantly you know


What it takes to get me right to the edge

And keep me there dangling, holding on to the ledge

So to me, it was magic, it was stardust, it was real

There’s no way you can convince me to deny what I feel


I just wish we could open the bottle of fireworks again

To eviscerate the sadness, let go of the pain

Feeling nothing but love, lust, pleasure, and respect

But I’m too sensitive to leave it there, as I’m sure you must suspect


So I keep it in a bottle, the memories of what we were

And try not to think of the ways you might be pleasuring her

Because in greed, I want you inside of me, by the side of me

But I can’t detach from this overwhelming jealousy


As I look at our bottle, our loving, our style

I can’t help but remember your sardonic little smile

And I chuckle to myself and realize the undeniable truth

I will always desire a repeat, I will always desire you



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