Random Words in a Blog Post: Free Writing

I’m just gonna put this right here. Just doing a little free writing to pass the time.

Blinders Removed: Poem

I just can’t apologize for not living down to your expectations, for you see I have lofty goals and much higher aspirations 

This is my life and I won’t let you tear me apart, for by now I can see the darkness of your heart

You’re cold and shriveled and full of bad intent, I have zero respect for what you represent 

While it hurts when I think of the way you used me, I laugh a little more inside because finally I’m free.


Portrait of a woman

Strong, fierce, brave, she rarely quavers under pressure. Even when tears stream down her face, she’ll tell you she’s fine. Something about the burden keeps her from muttering a word about the real struggles, and if you press her or prod her, she’ll make something up to keep you from knowing the truth about her private pain. When she does break, she likes to do it privately, for pain makes her strong.

Sometimes she feels invincible, sometimes she looks in the mirror and hates what she sees. She smells like sunshine, she laughs out loud, and she fights for those she loves. She tends to see two sides to every argument and sees the world through peaceful eyes, although that lends to an aura of sadness.

Fiercely loyal, but tactful, she knows when her input is not needed, especially when it contributes to division or derision between people she loves. There are times she embraces life fully and times when her fears step in to protect her heart.

She questions herself constantly, she pushes herself to learn new things for her own personal growth. She meditates. She exercises. She eats cheeseburgers and macaroni and cheese because life is too short and she enjoys these things. Occasionally she’ll try to go vegan, just to bounce back because bacon smells too awesome.

She blossoms and glows with raw femininity, though not always gracefully. She can laugh at herself and she thinks that not taking everything so seriously is one of the keys to a happy life. She makes mistakes and choices she can’t take back. She is imperfect in a perfectly human way. She trusts sparingly because she’s hurt easily. She has regrets, but doesn’t dwell on them.

She’s a fighter who has been through some of the worst battles life could ever throw at a person. Somehow, she’s taken all that’s come her way, and channeled it into being a warrior, an advocate for those who have no voice. Somehow, it’s all made her a stronger, more persistent, more beautiful woman.

I have nothing to say for her physical appearance. It does not matter. She is me. She is you. She is beautiful and nobody, nothing, can take that away.


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