Poetry: Earth


They had walked all over her, changed her, shaped her

Until all that remained was a solid, concrete exterior

Which they’d wanted, which they’d created

Allowing little to nothing to make its way inside

To the hidden recesses of the true goddess lying there

Temporary, parasitic vines occasionally wove a complicated imprint in a quest

To seek purchase within, foolishly thinking it simple

Wrapping around her solidly shielded golden warmth

To leave silvery scarring lesions in a feeble attempt at growth

Only the persistent can break through

To grow underneath the rugged mass of solidified matter

Weeds somehow crack through imperiously, audaciously

To find wayward chinks she found no cause to mend

Dandelions, so full of sunshine, popping with color, promise

To float off into the wind of whimsy and poise

Thistles, hardy, thorny torture devices ever so determined

To inflict torment for so long as they shall live

How she wished for the tenaciousness of a majestic maple tree

Whose roots would strongly, firmly risk

To seek the life of her dampened, fertile soil

That which only true determination can find

That which which lies beneath the man-made coarseness

Of a barren, pothole-ridden concrete shell

Let her reach deep to offer the bounty of her richness as she so freely wants to give

To expel her depth of longing to be needed, wanted, useful

Allow her, and she will nourish the grandeur of thickening branches

To care for the multiplying, fragile leaves that annually bud, grow, fall

Decades, centuries of give and take will become a well rehearsed dance

As the concrete slowly chips away from lack of maintenance, lack of care

From those who had long since abandoned their seemingly incessant walking

After a time, the concrete will turn to dust, her true radiance revealed

Until then, she’ll always search and always seek

To quench a never ceasing thirst with the nectar of her soul


*I’ve had this blog for a year now! Yay! 🙂 I’ve been working for quite some time on a series of interesting nature inspired poems. Since I’m a Taurus and it is an Earth sign, I felt compelled to write about her first. This has been a continuous work in progress and labor of true love.*


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