To the Lost Child: Poetry

To the Lost Child 

You should never feel alone, so battered, so afraid/ You shouldn’t have to worry if you can face another day/ Or feel as though you have no alternative, no choice/ You should be able to speak up, really use and raise that voice/ For the weak and the scared, against injustice and violence/ Instead you’re frozen in some perpetual state of silence/ I wish I could help you find the beautiful person inside/ The one the world has made you try to bury deep and hide/ Your story is just starting, though it’s been a broken start/ But you’re stronger than you know with such a loving, giving heart/ Keep shining and fighting and pushing along/ And though you may feel like there’s no place you belong/ Understand that there are so many more just like you/ Who’ve struggled to fight, to see the light, as often as you do/ Find and hold the good and don’t focus on the bad/ Hold on, for life’s treasures will soon be yours to have/ Let yourself get lost in life’s simple pleasures/ For one day each thing you do will be weighed and measured/ Oh little, scared, lost child I know you’re in so much pain/ I wish my words could be enough for your sun to shine again/ But you have to find within you the courage to keep going/ For pain teaches us lessons without us even knowing/ And one day you’ll be tough enough to help those in your place/ Though healing isn’t overnight, it’s a slow and steady pace/ Just know that you are loved, you are wanted, you have worth/ For there has to be a reason you were put here on this earth/ No life, no matter the hardship or struggle, is a waste/ There’s something precious inside of you that cannot be replaced/ So though I cannot tell you that things will be much better/ And I cannot guarantee you’ll get it right down to the letter/ I do know that you’re meant for so many greater things/ Look forward to the life and light your future brings/ Know that it’s okay to feel broken, crushed, or sad/ Know that it’s okay to fall apart when things get bad/ Just don’t stay in the darkness, child, for the darkness can suck you in/ Try to always find the light to bring you back again.


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