Love in Motion: Poetry

Love in Motion 

I can see dark circles under my haunted blue eyes

And the dimply heaviness I carry in my thighs

Disheveled, unkempt, tangled blonde hair

A sloppy, chubby belly that should never be bared

A bottom that is large and a little too flat

Upper arms that dangle with jiggly arm fat


When he looks upon me with admiration on his face

His eyes take in every crevice, every hidden place

He smiles as he warms me with steady, patient hands

Shows me that I’m beautiful in ways I understand

He loves my long blonde hair, he adores my blue eyes

He gets frisky when he’s holding my bottom and my thighs

He lays down on my belly, says he loves how soft it is

And he enjoys my arms around him just as much as I love his


He does not validate my inner sense of worth

I’ve struggled with my image since the moment of my birth

All he does is help me see the beauty that’s inside

He takes away the barriers I create so I can hide

I’m starting to learn to love this outer shell, this skin

As I learn to love the person who resides within

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