Fear Itself: Poetry

Fear Itself

There’s this persistent little bug inside

It goes by the name of fear

It takes my psyche on a strange little ride

Mangles the things I hold dear

Fear makes me feel like I’m not good enough

It coils around my brain

Whenever I try to pretend I am tough

I find fear defeats me again

“What are you so scared of?”, a person may ask

I wish the answer were easy

I fear the chaos of each daunting task

In a world that’s become so greedy

Fear is a natural response to danger

A normal one for most

But when it consumes me I boil with anger

As I become a ghost

I’m afraid to be hurt, I’m afraid to take chances

Fear has me frozen in place

Ceaselessly questioning casual glances

My mind giving hatred a face

Feeling the current, unprepared to fight it

Drowning in water so cold

I struggle to keep my head up to spite it

This suffering is getting so old

I’m afraid to write the truth of being afraid

Ridicule, judgement, rejection

Ignore these fears to just get things said

I’m done with the introspection

It’s always there lurking and never goes away

Sabotaging the best laid plans

My fear will not consume me today

Writing words with trembling hands

Today I write while envisioning dreams

Hope, a glimmer in the dark

I will hunt down each demon, tough as it seems

Each demon inspires a spark

This poem was inspired by Yoda. “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”- Yoda, Star Wars 


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