Maturity in Progress

Maturity in Progress: Poetry

There was a time within my life where judgment was my guide.
I found I spewed the bitterness I’d held onto inside.
Anger dripped from every single word I’d ever spoken.
With my writing, I could leave a person bruised and broken.
Blaming someone else for all the problems that had found me,
I closed my mind to block out the destruction all around me.

Then one day I was the one whose whole wide world had shattered.
I found myself living a lie where nothing ever mattered.
My marriage was a total sham, my friendships complete frauds,
And looking deep within myself revealed my thoughts were flawed.
Up until that point in life, I’d thought myself mature,
But then I looked at everything and was no longer sure.

I had to take control of life and make some crucial changes.
It didn’t happen overnight, it came in painful stages.
I’ve had to make apologies. I’ve tried to make amends.
I faced an awful truth in that relationships will end.
In changing I have found that there’s a greater gift within.
There’s peace in understanding what it’s like to be human.

People will always do and say the things I least expect.
Mistakes and flaws are lessons that nobody is perfect.
Sometimes I will catch myself reverting to old ways.
A darkness will wash over me that sometimes lasts for days.
Then something will remind me I’m not who I was before,
As I pick up the puzzle that I’ve scattered on the floor.

I then begin to focus on the things beyond myself,
As I put the book that was my past upon the highest shelf.
Maturity is something I am gaining as I’m growing.
Every way that I respond is something that I’m owning.
I keep going, getting better, even if it’s just a smidgeon,
Accepting folks for who they are as love provides the vision.

– a poem inspired by the prompt “Only the Brave Should Enter”,


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