Life Truth: Fears and Lessons Learned

I am afraid…

Of not being ENOUGH, but of also being TOO MUCH

Of a stale and wasted life

Of my mind and what it does to me without my permission

Of the darkness inside that threatens to consume me

Of making immature and foolish mistakes that will cost me dearly

Of being mislead, manipulated, and violated again by someone I trust

Of failing myself when it comes to personal goals

Of hurting or disappointing people that I respect and love

Of being unlovable, uninteresting, unintelligent, uninspiring

Of having or wanting anything tangible, anything that can be taken away

I have learned (sometimes the hard way)…

That codependency and mental differences run in my gene pool and are the result of things that are not and were not my fault

That I struggle with forgiveness of myself and others

That though people will hurt me along the way, most people have good intentions where a few do not

That I am not a fragile, but strong woman who has survived horrible things and lived to talk about it

That I have a voice and perspective unique to me that forms my contribution to this world

That I need to be patient with myself in a way nobody has ever been or ever will be

That healing is a journey that takes time and I need to respect that

That living life being honest with myself is THE hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s also the most rewarding

That, sadly, finding other people who are also living life honestly is a rare thing indeed

That it takes time to overcome the above fears to live a fruitful and wonderful life


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