Being a Mommy: Month Two

Every single day, I excitedly watch as Hannah grows. I can’t believe it’s already been two months! What a crazy journey it’s been so far. Time goes by so quickly with a child.

A lot has changed in such a short amount of time.

I can’t really remember what a full night of sleep looks or feels like. Showering or getting out of the house for an hour feels like a vacation. A day hasn’t gone by in the past month without a daily baptism in spit up or baby pee. A big change is that I find myself looking forward to time with other adults like a lonely happy puppy waiting for a person to come home from work. I find myself extremely disappointed when that adult time doesn’t pan out. That’s new for me, as before having baby I was a self-proclaimed professional hermit. Cancelled plans were awesome back then because it meant more time to myself. Now I miss people and try not to take it personally when someone cancels plans. Weird.

Yet the whole adventure so far has been really incredible. I wouldn’t trade one single moment of the life I have now for the life I had before. Love from this little person has transformed me in ways I never thought possible. My gratitude level is high these days.

Hannah has started smiling in response to facial expressions. One little smile from this baby girl and my heart melts down into a puddle that leaks from my eyes. Every single moment where sleep or sanity is sacrificed becomes totally worth it when her eyes connect with mine and a huge grin takes over her face. It’s even better when she lets out her new little giggle.

Seriously though, she’s a relatively easy baby. Month one was all about trial and error and getting to know each other through bonding. That month included a lot of tears from both of us and I imagine the rest of her life will be full of trial and error. Month two has been all about snuggles, discovery, and getting through each day trying to keep baby as happy as possible, which, as it turns out, has not been too difficult. Hannah has spent more time awake each day lately and she’ll play independently on the floor, cooing and “talking” to her toys. Her favorite is this giraffe that lights up and plays lullabies. She will stare at it while she kicks the air happily for up to an hour. The rest of the time, she’s happy being fed, being held so she can watch faces, or sleeping.

Thankfully, we have babysitters we trust. The relationship with the significant other is just as important to me now as it was before baby girl arrived, and so we’ve been able to go out twice without baby in the past two months. I feel rather fortunate about the gift of trusted friendships that give us that much needed reprieve from 24/7 baby life.

We’ve found a crazy little balance in our home. Some things get done and some things do not. Some things can wait until tomorrow. Each moment of today with Hannah is precious and more important than anything else.

Hannah Joy- 2 months old! She looks a lot like her Daddy, but I see my family in there too. 🙂 We made a cute kid.

I’m also lucky to have a baby that loves to see her reflection in my camera lens! She’s fascinated by it and I’ve managed to get some really amazing photos of her from day 1. As a photographer, I love having a baby who loves being photographed. 🙂


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