My Beautiful Child: Poetry

My heart, my soul, wandering around
A miracle, a magical love I have found
Or maybe you found and rescued me
A gift, a reminder of who I could be

When I first met you, I was so very scared
Feeling so woefully unprepared
To guide and protect you from all that can harm
Yet nurture your happy uniqueness and charm

I’ve seen cruelty in this world with my skin
The downsides and darkness of being human
I would spare you all pain, if only I could
Instead I will help you to seek out the good

You’re a beacon of light in a world going dark
And will always be, constantly, making your mark
In your eyes I have found the truly divine
Some days I still can’t believe that you’re mine

I learn everyday what love really means
In big things and little, the moments between
Being your mommy is the best gift of all
Whether you’re big or whether you’re small

Here’s to a lifetime of laughing and growing
With so many places you need to be going
A million adventures ahead to pursue
My sweet baby girl, there’s only one you


Happy 1 Year Birthday, my sweet girl!


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